A Brief History of the School
Aims of the School
The Beautiful Campus
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sports field
  The Beautiful Campus


  • Adjacent to Huannan Road and Ping-Jen District Social Education Hall, the campus covers 3.4872 hectares and is easily accessible by public transportation.
  • The gymnasium, equipped with versatile facilities, is the best location for sports, theatrical performances, concerts, and large lectures.
  • The classrooms, well equipped with projectors, split air conditioners, electric projector screens, latest classroom chairs and desks, energy-efficient lighting, etc., are indeed the best learning place.
  • The beautiful campus, hygienic drinking fountains, 24-hour security service, regular maintenance of fire, water and electrical equipment, etc., create a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for the faculty and students.
  • Completed in the end of 2006, the sports field serves as a great place for the faculty and students to exercise.
  • The school’s vision for the future is to establish a Physical Education and Technology Building which will integrate existing facilities and develop into the best teaching and learning environment for Physical Education in the community.

Address: No.100,Sec.3,Huannan Rd., Pingjhen City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan,Roc TEL:03-4287288 FAX:03-4288823