A Brief History of the School
Aims of the School
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  Aims of the School


  • To follow the National Education Policy and have more flexibility in the education system.
  • To reduce the stress from the credential-oriented education system, to carry out the multiple entrance program, and to offer the students in the community easy access to school.
  • To cultivate the students in the community in response to the demand of regional education development.
  • To develop into a community-based senior high school with regional features and to serve as the cultural center of the community.
  • To focus on students’ physical and mental development and to lay the foundation for academic research and professional knowledge and skills.

Address: No.100,Sec.3,Huannan Rd., Pingjhen City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan,Roc TEL:03-4287288 FAX:03-4288823