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  A Brief History of the School


  • Originally designated for Bei-shi Junior High School, the property was reorganized for the use of a senior high school in 1998. The construction cost was approximately NT$430,000,000.
  • In June of 2000, the construction was completed. The senior high school was integrated with Ping-Jen Junior High School, renamed Ping-Jen Comprehensive Junior-Senior High School, and started to enroll students in September.
  • With the termination of the Comprehensive Junior-Senior High School Project, Ping-Jen Comprehensive Junior-Senior High School was divided into two schools on August 1st, 2000, Ping-Jen Junior High School and Ping-Jen Senior High School, respectively.
  • Yung-lin Chang succeeded Yu-hsun Liu as principal of Ping-Jen Senior High School on October 1st, 2001, and was reappointed on August 1st, 2005.
  • The 7th anniversary of the founding of the school was celebrated by holding the 1st sports meet upon completion of the sports field in December of 2007.
  • On November 15th, 2008, the 2nd sports meet was held in celebration of the 8th anniversary of the founding of the school and the opening of the pedestrian bridge connecting the campus and the sports field.
  • Chin-yun Hsieh was elected Principal of Ping-Jen Senior High School on August 1st, 2009.
  • The school was renamed Taoyuan Municipal Ping-Jen Senior High School when Taoyuan County was upgraded to Taiwan’s 6th special municipality on December 24th, 2014.

Address: No.100,Sec.3,Huannan Rd., Pingjhen City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan,Roc TEL:03-4287288 FAX:03-4288823